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About US

The school is well known in the state for its high quality of education, discipline, honest dealings and great emphasis on Indian culture and values. The education in school is not limited till completion of syllabus and assessments by grading but we teach our students how to become a better person and how they participate in growth of the Nation with which they will prove their responsibilities, through training in other curricular activities like NCC, Scout & Guide. We teach our students to become leaders with truthfulness.


Bright International School is an English medium co-education school. The main aim of Bright International School is to educate Children so that they are able to turn mirrors into windows.

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At. Karaigam Road, Near Lubi Pumps, Nana Chiloda, Nr. Octroinaka, Gandhinagar , Gujarat 382355 INDIA Tel: 079-22808057
Mobile: +91 92-27-609028