Mission & Vission

Mission and Vision


  • To develop child’s potentiality by co-curricular activities.
  • To develop discipline through scout-guide, tracking, educational tours.
  • To provide education through morden technology.
  • To develop creative art skills in children through activites of music and reciting rhymens.
  • To develop physical strength through sports, karatem skatting and indoor games,
  • We provide individual report for individual development of student.
  • We arrange various seminars which providecarier guidance to students and awareness to guardians.
  • To provide education through elearning and project works.


  • We aim to provide the child social values to be a responsible citizen in future.
  • We aim to privde the child a competitive edge to curve out a place for himshelf in the soceity.
  • We aim to develop human values, moral values, religious values and cultural heritage in child.
  • We aim to develop both mind and the body for the child for an all round development of child.
  • We aim to mould our child to get a honour and status in society.
  • We aim to build today’s children into strong confident,dynamic and committed human beings of tomorrow.


Bright International School is an English medium co-education school. The main aim of Bright International School is to educate Children so that they are able to turn mirrors into windows.

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Address of the school

At. Karaigam Road, Near Lubi Pumps, Nana Chiloda, Nr. Octroinaka, Gandhinagar , Gujarat 382355 INDIA Tel: 079-22808057
Mobile: +91 92-27-609028